Customized CRM Tool

DialogMarket has created the solution for customer relationship management – a call center customized CRM tool. The customized application is utilized for each client’s program through the use of a proprietary CRM tool (CRM call center). The call center customized CRM tool is able to log and track virtually anything a client desires: call center outsourcing, online technical support, and reporting services. All customer history data are stored and will be retrieved automatically and displayed on a representative’s screen during any communication with this customer. This service is known as “screen popping” and helps DialogMarket representatives stay up to date with a customer’s history and help to guide all future interactions. This web tool is maintained by DialogMarket via our intranet, but can also be made accessible to clients at any time through a protected web connection. This system gives clients access to all reporting services, customer files and data, and enables opening and editing support tickets. All pages are customized to collect specific information desired by each client and to reflect the unique branding of a company.

Below are some examples of benefits and abilities:

  • Customized to fit client’s needs
  • Email escalations to any contact
  • Create and track support tickets and calls
  • Create knowledge based articles with the ability to search, add, delete and edit
  • Manage and track leads
  • Record escalated tickets and calls
  • Manage RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) systems
  • Track product trends
  • Track and manage marketing information
  • Fax and email ticket and product information